A drop in the ocean,
A change in the weather,

I was praying that you and me might end up together.
It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert,

But I'm holding you closer than most,
'Cause you are my heaven.

I don't wanna waste the weekend,
If you don't love me, pretend

A few more hours, then it's time to go.

And as my train rolls down the East coast,

I wonder how you keep warm.

It's too late to cry, too broken to move on.

Ja, gamle bilder, I know.. men måtte bare sitere en liten del av en skjønn sangtekst. ♥

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28.apr.2011 kl.06:59

Fine bilder ^^

Vibeke Thoresen

28.apr.2011 kl.17:12

Aaw, det var søtt! :)

Rebecca M. Skarpås

29.apr.2011 kl.07:55

Vibeke Thoresen: Haha, aw. ^^

Rebecca M. Skarpås

07.mai.2011 kl.07:11

Renate: Takk ^^

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